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This post explains the various uses of our Hydrating Botanical Mask. I have received several calls and DM's inquiring about how the mask works.

I will start with a brief history of my journey with Hormonal Cystic Acne. My skin has always been clear (acne free) until 2016; that's when I first started having minor breakouts which graduated to severe breakouts. Those breakouts have left my face severely scarred. Several of Cia's Naturals products were used to help control the breakouts and to reduce scarring.

I was advised to visit a dermatologist to prevent the scars from becoming permanent. The dermatologist gave me an all in one benzoyl peroxide and Retin-A cream to reduce the scars and control any new breakouts. I tried to use the product on several occasions but I wasn't consistent because the cream would slightly irritate my skin and would make it extremely dry (I have oily skin). The dermatologist did inform me that slight irritation is normal as my skin adjusts to the product.

On March 10, 2018, I decided to give the cream another try. The next morning my face and neck (transferred from jaw to neck while sleeping) was so irritated, red, burning and feeling hot when touched. I felt like my face and neck was on fire. I splashed my face with cold water to see if the irritation would calm down on its own; but the pain, burning, and itching got worst and I started to swell on several parts of my face and neck. I decided to give myself a mild mask to soothe and hydrate the skin.

I normally use the Botanical Hydrating Mask to exfoliate, soothe a face rash (from eating lemons) or to stop the itching of a quarter size eczema spot that comes and go on my arm. So I cleansed my face with our custom made no foam cream soap; then I applied the mask. Lost track of time and left the mask on longer than 30 min. I removed the mask (with warm water and no rubbing) most of the redness and itching was gone, all of the burning was gone, and it reduced the swelling (Results Below).

Never under estimate the power of botanicals and be careful when using harsh chemicals to treat acne. The mask was created to offer relief to skin discomforts (face and body), to use for mild exfoliating, and for the rejuvenating and hydrating properties it offers to the skin.

Irritated face and neck Date and time are on top of picture in center

Wet Hydrating Botanical Mask

Mask dried

Face and neck after mask was rinsed off. Most of the redness is gone and the swelling has reduced.

Taken 3 days later. Neck kept peeling for days.

Picture taken at night so neck looks like it has birth mark

Picture of neck clearing up after peeling. Taken on 03/21/18

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