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Products/Procedure Used in Gallery: Comb Detangling vs Finger Detangling

Same products were used to comb detangle and finger detangle.

1. Pre Poo Clarifying Oil Treatment was put on hair and scalp and massaged scalp for 2-3 minutes. After massage, plastic cap was placed over hair for 20 minutes (to help with dandruff and dry scalp). After 20 minutes, hair and scalp was rinsed well.

2. A quarter size of African Black Liquid Soap was used to shampoo hair once (to remove any remaining residue).

3. Extreme Moisture Conditioning Hair Cream was adding to hair and left on for 5 minutes. After five minutes, comb conditioner through with comb. If using finger detangling method, go back over hair and finger detangle after comb detangling to define curls.

4. Rinsed hair well with warm water (works best for her hair and helps leave in conditioner to absorb better).

5. Applied Leave in Conditioning Cream. If comb detangling, lightly comb through. If finger detangling, use fingers and rake product through hair. Rake quickly to help form more definition.

6. Applied Exotic Butter and Oil Blend to hair. For Both methods the oil was raked through hair.

7. Part hair one section at a time (to help keep dampness/moisture). If using comb method, hair was combed and edges were bushed. Add ponytail holder and fluffy. Do next two sections the same, when you get to front edges add small amount of gel before placing in ponytail.

If using finger method, part hair gently (trying not to disturb the ends to much); brush edges (do not touch ends with brush). Add ponytail holder and wet tips of fingers and gently shape puff. Do the same with each section but when you get to front edges add small amount of gel and gently brush edges.

****TIP*** to help finger detangle the hair wear plastic gloves until ready to put hair in ponytails. Plastic gloves eliminate frizz and help to define curls better.

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