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Cia's Naturals, LLC


Cia's Naturals was created out of a group of colleagues discussing the skin and hair problems that their relatives were experiencing. The group wanted to come up with a way to relieve skin and hair/scalp problems. For example, one of the member's child had eczema that was not responding to prescription medicine; and another member's elderly parents experienced severely dry skin, dry scalp and dandruff.


We decided to create all natural products to address the particular issues that each person was having problems curing.  Thus, the creation of an all natural oatmeal honey soap bar and an all natural body cream for the child to use. Within days, the eczema started showing signs of improvement, and within two weeks, it was totally healed.  The elderly parent was given a scalp treatment balm that they applied to their scalp daily.  Within two weeks, the scalp started showing improvements; within one month, the dry scalp and dandruff was under control. Consequently, the senior's hair actually started growing!  And 30 days later...her scalp was no longer dry and flaky. Subsequently, the lady used the scalp treatment a couple of times per week instead of every day once the dry scalp and dandruff was under control.


Our team realized that, sometimes, our body responds to chemicals in processed products in a negative manner. So, we decided to create a line of natural products that were safe for the young, middle aged, and seniors—everyone!  We're proud to provide products that are made with unrefined butters (and nut butters) and oils, and are absent of phalates, parabens, and other toxic carcinogenic (cancerous) ingredients.


We hope you love our products as much as we do.  Enjoy!

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